Choosing the kind of energy our hands will act with

When people have been drawn to the bath salts, but don’t have a tub, I’ve suggested that they do a foot bath. Mary at Desert Rose has also suggested using them as a hand bath, for –I love the synergy of different people’s input!


I actually starting making these bath salts long before I had a tub myself. I lived in a little trailer out in the desert when I first started to spiral up from severe illness. Even before I started making my essences, I started making bath salt combinations that I used as foot baths. During the years when I rented in Tucson, sometimes I had a tub; and other times did not. Someone asked me once, wasn’t it strange to make something that I could not enjoy in its fullness myself? I felt it was part of drawing me forward until the time when I would own a house and have regular access to a tub. Which I very much enjoy at this point!

Is there anything that is a parallel in your life?

One thought on “Choosing the kind of energy our hands will act with

  1. Parallel spiraling up from severe illness, parallel living in a little desert trailer w/out bathtub, parallel love of footbaths (I’ve been using magnesium salts or dead sea salts). I like the idea of hand baths! And will check out your offerings of energized bath salts….

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