Mother’s Day gift–Unconditional love comes in a kit?

A Mother’ Day gift can be challenging to pick out when there are unresolved family issues. The Bathe Yourself in Unconditional Love Kit helps heal those issues.

It’s also appropriate if you felt unconditionally loved by your mother; giving this kit of rose quartz essence products is a way to say thank you and keep the love flowing.

If the love that came from your mother had strings attached or was inconsistent, this kit helps heal that pattern. We can only give what we have received; helping another person tune into the flow of unconditional love in the universe can be part of our own healing, of acceptance of what our mother was able to give or not, based on what she herself had received.

I only created this kit recently, but unconditional love/rose quartz bath salts have been popular for years, and I remember how much my mother enjoyed them, and like to think that they were part of healing wounds we both had from challenging patterns that had been handed down by her mother. Giving myself rose quartz essence at the same time also helped me.

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