Giving thanks and honoring history

On Thanksgiving, even the most harried of us may slow down enough to think about what we are grateful for. Expressing gratitude on a daily basis can radically change our perspective as we focus on what we appreciate, rather than dwell on what may be lacking. One of the most effective tools I’ve experienced is the gratitude journal that Sarah Ban Breathnach describes in her book Simple Abundance (Jan. 14 passage). If it is challenging to add this practice to the end of a long day, I suggest putting the journal on your bed as a reminder to take a few minutes to list your gratitudes before going to sleep.

The history of the holiday of Thanksgiving may be different from what we were taught in school. To learn more about the Native cultures of the U.S., there are many resources celebrating Native American Heritage Month. One of the richest stories I’ve read recently is Louise Erdrich’s A Plague of Doves.

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