Qigong exercises use breath, movement, and visualization exercises to move the qi (chi) or life-force energy for optimal health, spiritual development, and self-defense. They are part of Chinese Medicine. I study and teach a variety of forms, from very simple exercises to more complex practices such as Meridian Qigong: Introduction; Meridian Qigong: Liver Meridian.


Qigong Brakhot: Synthesis of Qigong and Jewish Practices

I've developed a sequence of prayers and exercises for morning practice that includes some of the blessings traditionally said upon awakening or at weekday morning services. It includes qigong exercises from several Chinese traditions, as well as energy work exercises developed in the West. I've taught this as part of the Jewish meditation series at the Tucson Jewish Community Center, and at other locations.

As we get ready to end a workday or transition from the workweek to Shabbat, shaking off stress, resolving issues from the day or week, and then moving into flow is facilitated with qigong exercises.

Throughout the cycle of the year, as we focus on particular spiritual issues, there are also qigong exercises that address those issues.

The blessings are given in several forms, as in: Hebrew blessings, traditional, feminine and "let us bless" forms, for Shabbat dinner and Tu B'Shevat