Healing the Healer Coloring & Activity Book


We are all healers, and healing can be fun!

I wrote the first version of this book to help heal issues in my life as someone who works professionally as a healing practitioner. When some of my long-standing issues shifted, a friend who works in another field, said, “Hey, I could use that book too!”



Download for $2.99

If you work in a field other than health care, you are still healing yourself and contributing to the healing of the people, animals, plants, and organizations you come in contact with.

72 pages, with 67 pages of text/coloring and activities.

The book includes an "Ooops! There's a mismatch action planning activity sheet" for when there is a mismatch between the ideal that the words say, and your current life. To do that activity over and over, you can copy those pages or download them here for free. 

You can also download a  sample of the book to take it for a test-ride.

Your feedback can help this book get better and better. If you are the first person to make a suggestion that is implemented, you’ll get a free download of the improved version, and your name will be included in the acknowledgements (if that’s OK with you). There is a form in the book, and you can also download Making this Book Better. When you open the file, it says read-only, but you can actually save it to attach to an email or print it out.

While any paper works fine, printing your downloads onto three hole-punched paper makes it easy to put them in a binder to make a "real" book.