Healing through Art and Write to Heal


Years ago I joined and later became the facilitator of a Healing Through Art group at the Cambridge Women’s Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. So when I began offering workshops on creative expression for healing, it seemed natural to chose visual art as the focus. Healing Through Art was a Tucson Weekly Pick of the Week on Oct. 12, 2006.

But my own strength is as a writer. I saw that even when I applied for the expansion grant for the Fountain of Peace as a visual artist, the primary focus was getting people writing.

In thinking back on Healing Through Art, when the Tucson Weekly chose it as a Pick of the Week, it was when the topic was for “Increasing Resiliency in Our Bodies and Our Lives.”  That topic was fitting for these challenging economic  times, so I offered a workshop series in the winter where we started by writing about a time when we came back up after a setback, and then did a writing exercise to help reframe a current situation.

Some of you know my own story is one of bouncing back after having been homebound for years with severe chronic fatigue and chemical sensitivities. Writing continues to be key in my own healing. I think of healing in the deepest sense, in making peace between the disparate aspects of ourselves and creating healing interactions with others, so that our own healing ripples out. I see writing as an invaluable tool for releasing feelings and reframing situations so that I can write a plot of my life as a healing adventure.

Feel free to start writing with the exercises posted on the Write to Heal blogsite and check out my event listings, and/or join the email list to learn about upcoming events. If you'd like to have a Write to Heal workshop for your group or organization, please contact me. Write to Heal workshops can be conducted by affordable teleconferencing as well as in person.