Fountain of Peace

The Fountain of Peace is a contemplative and interactive installation. The experience consists of two components. The first is a way to release that which no longer serves peace, by writing or drawing on a glass gem, and watching it wash away in the water.

Then we set intentions for increasing peace in ourselves and the larger world.

The Fountain was developed for the Muslim-Jewish PeaceWalk in 2007, and since then has been at a wide variety of other events/locations.

In both the Middle East and the Sonoran Desert, access to water, fuel, and minerals are all factors in resolving conflict and building peace. In order to address these issues, I applied for and received a grant from the Tucson Pima Arts Council to make a new version of the fountain with a base made from recycled copper, powered by a solar panel.

The basic instructions are in English, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew and Yoeme (Yaqui). You may like to read an article about translation into Native languages in the Tucson Weekly.

You can watch a video, "Watch fear wash away," on youtube. You can be an ambassador for peace by making your own fountain from instructions on the CD ($10), or download the files for $5.


  • Expanded explanation of the concepts of release, intention and healing ritual
  • Instructions for making a fountain
  • Tips for making a Fountain of Peace
  • Banner / poster text and table signs in English, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew and Yoeme (Yaqui)
  • Information about feng shui and the kabbalah of water
  • Using the fountain as a springboard for other projects
  • Getting funding for a fountain project
  • Checklist / budget list
  • Resources on harvesting and conserving water, in a Word file you can add to (a sample follows)
  • Calculate your water footprint
    Brad Lancaster's rainwater harvesting books
    The Nature Conservancy's rainwater harvesting demonstration site
    The Watershed Management Group’s water harvesting co-op
    Using Gray Water at Home
    Water conservation tips
    Drought reduction
    Water-neutral pools
    Sustainable Tucson
    Water in the Tucson Area: Seeking Sustainability
    Water issues in Israel

    Tucson Pima Arts Council logo

    word fear on glass marble
    word washes off
    words love, family on rocks
    solar panel
    CD fountain of peace
    Disk -$10
    Digital download-$5