We can be part of a healing that ripples out, in which our personal healing is part of healing the earth.

There are many pathways to healing.

I am not currently accepting new clients for individual sessions. People are welcome to attend group coaching and other events, and/or to email me to ask to be added to a waiting list. You will be notified when your turn comes up. 

You may enjoy these resources: Love is calling us home audio, Creative Commons by Deborah Mayaan.wav. With this level of licensing through Creative Commons, you are free to remix and use this audio as it suits you, as long as you attribute where this chant first came from.

Cell in the body of the Earth guided meditation: If we care about the healing of the Earth and our society, then the idea of our body as a cell in the body of the Earth helps in taking time for self-care. You may listen on YouTube, where you will find additional resources.

Visual reminders can be helpful on the path to healing, so feel free to explore the Fountain of Peace, being a Voice of the Earth, and answering "Here I Am / Hineyni" to the call to live our soul's purpose.

  word fear washes away in water turquoise bird with words voice of the earth four people wearing t-shirts that say hineyni in Hebrew

A way to get a “mini healing session” on a regular basis is to take an essence, a subtle vibrational remedy made from desert flowers, other plants, gems or animal spirit energies.

  woman smiling, with cactus in background fluffy pink flowers with red centers saguaro cactus with flowers of white petals and yellow centers new prickly pear pad with soft proto-spines yellow quartz mother dove with baby bird in nest

Participating in workshops and other events develops skills and builds community connections.

Creating sacred space also helps us keep focused and motivated, and the high vibration ripples out as part of healing the world. Resources for creating sacred space include a Sacred  Space Kit™, and a gallery of mezuzahs, Jewish spiritual objects that serve as a reminder of the oneness of all being.

  cloth roll-up with blue mister bottle, small bottle, and 18 marbles cholla cactus wood with beaded letter shin carved palo verde wood in clay pot river driftwood in V shape with colored gemstones wired on